airport trainsFor anyone who has ever rushed to get to the airport in time for a flight or has left early for the airport only to get stuck in a traffic jam, any method of getting to the airport without having to use a car would be worth considering.  Sitting in traffic that isn't moving or illegally speeding to make up lost time can make car travel seem like an incredibly silly choice, especially when it could potentially lead to you missing your flight completely and losing the cost of the fare.  This is where train links to the airport are absolutely vital - they provide an easy alternative to those clogged motorways and 'short-cuts' through the back lanes.  Not only can the train get you to the airport on time, but the journey is hassle free, smooth and entirely predictable.


Many of the world's largest and busiest airports have direct train connections - many have train stations located outside (or underneath!) the terminal.  Catching the train direct to the airport means you can walk straight off the platform and to your check-in desk - there's no need to worry about finding a car park, or having to negotiate a crowded drop-off zone.  If you're travelling in a large group, the train allows you to stay together in one unit rather than having to split off into several taxis or cars.  Moreover, the cost of the train fare is usually much cheaper than what a long-stay car park is.  All in all, catching the train can be a much more relaxing and more affordable option.