airport trainsAside from the busy London airports, the United Kingdom has several other major international airports with fantastic rail connections that are well worth taking advantage of.


Manchester Airport, the fourth busiest airport in the UK (after Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted), has a large train station that runs services to Manchester Piccadilly.  'The Station', as it is known, is soon to have a third platform to combat rising passenger numbers, and is expected to expand its services to include more frequent coverage to other locations in northern England.  There is also a proposal to have the train service linked into the Manchester tram system, though this has not yet been approved by the government.


Birmingham International is another airport that benefits from fantastic rail links.  As the main station, the Birmingham International Railway Station, is located further away from the airport, a connection service (also on rail) links the airport with its railway.  This link is known as the Air-Rail Link.  From Birmingham International Railway Station services run north to Coventry and beyond, and south to London, as well as stopping at Birmingham New Street.


Newcastle Airport also benefits from a regular train service that connects its terminal to both Newcastle and Sunderland city centres.  The station, known simply as 'Airport', is situated on the Tyne and Wear Metro Green Line and only takes twenty minutes to get to Newcastle Central Station.


Other major airports in the UK, such as Edinburgh International, are currently working on improving their rail connectionsEdinburgh Airport is expected to be linked into the Edinburgh tram system once the tracks reach the station (the work is currently in progress).