airport trainsJust as many of the large airports in the United Kingdom have fantastic train services that connect their complexes to major cities, many of the busiest international airports also have great railway connections. 

Paris Charles de Gaulle, the second busiest airport in the world for international passengers, has several links to Paris and other French cities and will have even more connections in the very near future.  The RER B train service runs between Charles de Gaulle and Paris Gare du Nord express, as well as offering a slower service that stops at the many stations in between.  These RER B trains stop at the two train stations at Charles de Gaulle, which in turn are ideally situated for passengers needing to get to Terminals 1, 2 and 3.  Terminal 2 also has a TGV platform (high-speed train) that links the station to Paris, Brussels, and beyond.


Frankfurt Airport, like it's Parisian brother, has two train stations: the Airport Long Distance Railway Station and the Airport Regional Railway Station.  The Regional service takes eleven minutes to get to Frankfurt Central Station from the airport.  The Long Distance service, meanwhile, runs high-speed trains to Cologne and Frankfurt Central.


The Schiphol Railway Station that services Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is another leader in the field of air-rail connections.  Located underneath the terminal, the station is visited by trains travelling routes to Amsterdam Central Station as well as high-speed trains to The Hague, Rotterdam, Antwerp, Brussels and Paris.